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30 Years of Innovative Products

  • 1986

    First company to process and sell medical grade polyimide tubing

  • 1992

    Insulated wire for EP catheters and sensors

  • 1993

    Launched braid reinforced tubing

  • 1996

    Thermocouple wire

  • 1998

    PD slick coatings

  • 1999

    Conductor embedded tubing

  • 2003

    Hybrid Pebax and Nylon jacketed polyimide

  • 2005

    Laser stripped wire

  • 2008

    PTFE lined tubing

  • 2011

    4 filar parallel wire

  • 2014

    Pebex coated PTFE liners

  • 2016

    Pad printing

  • 2016

    Laser machining

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