About Us

About Us

HPC Medical Products is part of IWG High Performance Conductors, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high performance conductors.

HPC Medical Products is a wire and tubing manufacturer focused on the medical device industry. Our wire and tubing products are used in a variety of medical devices including catheters, cardiac stent delivery devices and endoscopic devices. Other industries served include microelectronics and automotive.

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Our Approach

With a long history in wire and tubing manufacturing we continue to develop new products to meet various consumer needs. We deliver a number of coating options include polyester, polyimide, formvar and polyurethane as well as custom wire and tubing capabilities including braiding, cutting, straightening, tipping, and flaring. We develop custom wire and tubing products that meet the varied needs of our customers. Learn more about our custom products and product sample availability.


Our manufacturing facility in Trenton, Georgia is committed to service and quality through product innovation with advanced manufacturing, research and development, and engineering support.

Trenton, Georgia Location:
13230 North Main
P.O Box 129
Trenton, Georgia 30752
Phone: +1 864 708 3020