Your Partner for medical wire and medical tubing products

Our wire and tubing products are used in a variety of medical devices including catheters, cardiac stent delivery, and endoscopic devices.

Are you looking for HPC Medical Products? We are now part of Teleflex Medical OEM.

Medical Tubing

Our tubing is available for purchase online through Chamfr Marketplace to help you innovate faster.

Medical Wire

We offer a comprehensive line of insulated and uninsulated, ultrafine medical wire.

30+ Years of Innovative Products

  • 1986

    First company to process and sell medical grade polyimide tubing

  • 1992

    Insulated wire for EP catheters and sensors

  • 1993

    Launched braid reinforced tubing

  • 1996

    Thermocouple wire

  • 1998

    PD slick coatings

  • 1999

    Conductor embedded tubing

  • 2003

    Hybrid Pebax and Nylon jacketed polyimide

  • 2005

    Laser stripped wire

  • 2008

    PTFE lined tubing

  • 2011

    4 filar parallel wire

  • 2014

    Pebex coated PTFE liners

  • 2016

    Pad printing

  • 2016

    Laser machining