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Laser Stripped Wire

Teleflex Medical OEM is a leading manufacturer of laser stripped wire. Laser ablation, or laser wire stripping, is a non-mechanical and non-chemical method to remove the outer polymer layer or coating from specific locations on a given wire substrate.

Many medical device applications require material removal to expose an insulated wire’s underlying metal conductor. Due to the small wire diameter requirement in these devices, manual stripping methods are time consuming, unrepeatable, and produce inferior quality compared to an automated laser stripping machine.

Laser ablation is available for single and multi-wire diameters.


Laser Stripped Wire

Dimensions and Capabilities

Stripped SectionsSingle and Multi-Wire Diameters
.015 to 1.0” .38 to 25 mm * (*Consult factory for special requests).002” to .005” inches .050 to .127 milimeters