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Lubricious Tubing

Our PTFE and low friction PD-Slick™ (a blend of PTFE and polyimide) are specially designed as medical tubing liners or as a wire coatings.

PD-Slick™ Technical Information

  • Gamma radiation resistant
  • USP Class VI biocompatibility
  • Utilized used to coat the inside or outside diameter of a tubing product
  • Lower friction with the material properties of polyimide

PTFE Technical Information

  • Lowest coefficient of friction polymer we supply (very lubricious)
  • USP Class VI biocompatibility
  • Chemically resistant
  • Can be used to coat the inside diameter of a tubing product or blended with another polymer
  • Etched surface available
Lubricious Tubing

Dimensions and Capabilities

Tubing IDWall Thickness
.008” to 0.091” (.203 to 2.31 mm).0005” to .007” (.0127 to .178 mm)