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Multi Parallel (Filar) Wire

HPC Medical Products offers multi parallel (filar) wire. These wires are joined continuously down the length to form a parallel construction. This type of construction can make most thermocouples including Type T, J, and K.

Product Features

  • A pair of insulated wires are parallel bonded side-by-side in a filar construction using polymeric materials
  • Individual wires can be bonded together to form a ribbon that are electrically isolated from one another and are positioned side-by-side
  • Multiple colors and metal types can be bonded together and even parallel twisted
  • We can offer up to 6 filar construction
Multi Parallel (Filar) Wire

Dimensions and Capabilities

Bare Wire Diameter (inches)Bare Wire Diameter (milimeters)
.0015 to .010.0381 to .250