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Polyimide Tubing

Teleflex Medical OEM uses a unique combination of ductility, strength, and stiffness to provide greater toughness and durability than competing polyimide-tubing designs. This becomes apparent during cyclical stress applications. In addition, repeated changes in bending, pressure, and tension do not compromise the structural integrity of our polyimide tubing.

Polyimide is a cross-linked thermoset polymer that is comprised of organic compounds that were originally developed and formulated by DuPont®.

Polyimide tubing, in general, uses a layering process to build tube walls. We use a continuous dip coat process that reduces delamination of these layers unlike inferior, less elastic tubing designs.

Polyimide Tubing Technical Information

  • Micro diameters
  • Ultra-thin walls
  • Extremely tight tolerances
  • High-thermal stability
  • Solvent resistant
  • Radiation resistant
  • Cryogenic resistant
  • USP Class VI biocompatibility
Polyimide Tubing

Dimensions and Capabilities

Tubing IDWall Thickness
0.002” to 0.091” (.0508 to 2.31 mm).0003” to .007” (.008 to .178 mm)